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E-Games: A Brief Guide

E-Games: A Brief Guide

The rise of E-sports and E-gaming is a result of the PC generation.


Gone are the days of games being limited to home play. The likes of Diablo and World of Warcraft are global enterprises in which the best players can find fame of a new kind.


The modern keyboard warrior spends hours learning the fine details and devising in-depth strategies in order to gain a competitive advantage.


When that edge is found, E-gamers can find popularity with viewing numbers reaching hundreds of thousands. Platforms such as YouTube and Twitch can also be thanked for the ever-growing audiences in E-Sports.


Each game has a unique following and strategy; it is therefore rare to find players that specialise in more than one game.


Tournaments instill an extra level of competitiveness among the top E-gamers. And now those players are stars in their own right.


At the top of each game board on our site is the different tournaments on offer. There you can see how wide this phenomenon has reached.


Excitement and adrenaline is the theme of this market. If that's your thing, then this will be too.


E-Games Available To Bet On At Hollywoodbets


Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:Go) - This is the 4th Counter Strike game and is a first-person shooter.  


Dota 2 - A sequel to the original Defence of the Ancients, this is a battle arena game.


League of Legends (LoL) - Another battle arena game.


Overwatch - Team based first-person shooter game. Originally a casual game, it now has a competitive ranked mode.


Starcraft 2 - Also known as StarCraft 11: Wings of Liverty, it is a science fiction real-time strategic game.


King of Glory (KoG) - Also known as Arena of Valor, this is a 3D, third-person battle arena game.