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4 Of The Best: Tom Horn

4 Of The Best: Tom Horn

243 Crystal Fruits


Come join in the retro game with the new shiny fruits in their crystal form in the 243 Crystal Fruits game.  


The simple, old school feel, with its eye catching colours and fruits as symbols, is lighthearted zest with some really great features on offer.


This has an update with the 'Reversed' version but the original remains popular and well loved, using the tried and tested 5 x 3 grid with five paylines.  


The special wilds symbol of the Glittery clear Crystal acts as a multiplier and activates 243 lines. And thus you get the meaning of the name.  


It also acts and the symbol that allows exploding winning symbols to be replaced for the chance to win more on a single spin.  


The game also offer the Gamble mode, with he chance to double your winnings with a simple deck of cards. Pick if it’s a red or black card and stand the chance to win.  


These fruity characters have so much levity and the invigorating graphics are alluring. It's a great experience for new players and will have you entertained with is tutti-frutti vibes.  




This 2020 release will have you feeling the heat. The odds of being scolded are low but the fiery action keeps this game flaming hot.  


It offers five reels in the retro style game, with the old favourites coming to the roast.  


The game carries vivid graphics with flames licking at the grid. Keep an eye on the reeds - the shiny Star mystery scatter is what you need to look out for.  


Be sure to distinguish between the wild that is a 7 and the highest paying symbol which is a red seven. Three or more of the Golden stars can open up the Magic number feature or, alternatively, bonus rounds.  


During these Bonus rounds, you once again look to the star, clicking it to reveal new symbols that create a combo for any Bonus wins.


This is a traditional slot game, with the conflagrations turning up the temperature for some blistering fun, to keep you enthralled.  


Book of Spells


A mystical and magical world of witches is waiting for you in this 2020 release - Book of spells.  


The discovery of this book drives the storyline of this game.  


It’s a five-reel slot games with an adjustable nine payout lines available to customize it for the player.


With potions brewing and spells being casted, the Book of spells is the symbol that acts as both a scatter and a wild.  


While you are on your quest, to stop anything bad from happenin, you will encounter that the book has its own power. It will use it at random to trigger free spins and pick a randomly chosen symbol to be the pay out during these spins.  


There is also a mystery jackpot lurking in the shadows that is waiting to be randomly awarded.  


Come down and join the coven on this adventure, with the mystic arts at your fingertips, the exploits and entertainment are conjured up in this game.  


Kongo Bongo


The King of the Banana jungle decked out in his golden shades is the figurehead to this slot game launched in 2019.  


Aimed to be as minimalistic as possible, it has a modest 3 x 3 Grid and a single payline.  


The uncomplicated game play is complemented with on-point modern graphics and an energetic soundtrack.


The classic feel of the game is updated with modern technology.  


Although there are no wilds, scatters or free spins; this game keeps it utilitarian for straightforward play.


But with the ease of game play there are still big payouts to be had using the symbols. The stars are your highest and if you get three, they act as a multiplier that can go up to 5000x.  


Lucky 7’s follow, and next is the drums followed by the other four symbols in descending orders. Each spin can yield these multipliers and it’s easy to follow grid allows you to hone your concentration.  


Come try your hand in the vines of the jungle, to the beat of the drums for some traditional capers with the funky monkey of Kongo Bongo.